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“R” is for Rice, James Henry (1868-1935)

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“R” is for Rice, James Henry (1868-1935). Conservationist, writer. Born in Ninety Six Rice distinguished himself as an early proponent of wildlife conservation, environmentally sound farming, and preservation of wetlands. After graduating from South Carolina College, he taught, but left teaching to pursue a career in journalism—serving as an editorial writer for the State and a columnist for the News and Courier. Typically, his writing concerned the flora and fauna of South Carolina, farming practices, and environmental issues. Rice served as chief game warden of South Carolina (1911-1913) and as an inspector for the U.S. Geological Survey (1913-1917). James Henry Rice, Jr. wrote several notable books, one of which Glories of the Carolina Coast is an enthusiastic celebration of the South Carolina coast that includes descriptions of its early history, inhabitants, economy, culture, and environment.

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