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"R” is for Rice, John Andrew, Jr. (1888-1968)

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"R” is for Rice, John Andrew, Jr. (1888-1968). Educator, author. A prominent figure in American higher education, Rice was born in Lee County. After graduating from Tulane University, he won a Rhodes Scholarship. He later attended the University of Chicago but left before completing his Ph.D. in classical Greek and Latin philosophy and language. A brilliant, but controversial teacher, in 1933 he founded Black Mountain College, near Ashville, North Carolina. Black Mountain became a renowned site of experimental and progressive education, especially known for Rice’s commitment to experiential learning, artistic expression in support of learning in any discipline, democratic governance among faculty and students, and the absence of outside trustees. John Andrew Rice, Jr., left Black Mountain College in 1940 and began a second career in writing with his memoir, I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century.

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