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“C” is for Casey, Claude (1912-1999)

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“C” is for Casey, Claude (1912-1999). Musician, songwriter. Born in Enoree, Casey was raised in a musical family. He began performing with local string bands in his early teens. The family moved to Danville, Virginia where in 1931 Casey had his own radio program, billing himself as the “Carolina Hobo.” In the 1930s he assembled an enduring ensemble, the Pine State Playboys. In 1938 the group cut eighteen tracks for Bluebird in Charlotte and Rock Hill that featured Casey on vocals and rhythm guitar. In 1941 Charlotte radio station WBT hired Casey where he became a featured performer. In the early 1950s Claude Casey and his Sage Dusters moved to WGAC in Augusta, then to WFBC in Greenville. In the early 1960s Claude Casey and his wife moved to Johnston where they founded radio station WJES.

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