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“F” is for Fox, William Price (1926-2015)

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“F” is for Fox, William Price (1926-2015). Author. Born in Illinois, Fox grew up in Columbia. After service in World War II, he worked in New York as a salesman and attended creative writing classes at the New School. Fox’s first book of short stories, Southern Fried (1962) is set in Columbia and its environs. In Fox’s work, Columbia is a diverse southern city populated by eccentrics, hustlers, and natural comedians, with a peppering of bullies and petty criminals. Their stories are told with high good humor and liberal doses of biting satire. William Price Fox’s novels Moonshine Light, Moonshine Bright; Ruby Red; Dixiana Moon; and Wild Blue Yonder give full range to his talents for depiction of southern humor, and stinging satirical portraits of the flawed among us, notably hypocritical preachers and unctuous con men, and politicians.

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