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“P” is for Peace, Roger Craft (1899-1968)

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“P” is for Peace, Roger Craft (1899-1968). Journalist, businessman, U.S. senator. A native of Greenville, Peace joined the staff of the family-owned Greenville News in 1919. In 1924 he was the paper’s business manager when the News purchased its local rival the Greenville Piedmont. When his father died in 1934, Peace became the president of the corporation that soon gave Greenville its first radio station (WFBC) and its first television station (WFBC-TV). In 1967 the publishing and broadcast interests were merged to form Multimedia, Inc., with Peace as chairman. In 1941, Peace was appointed to the U.S. Senate to fill a four month vacancy caused by the resignation of Senator James F. Byrnes. In 1990 the Greenville Center for the Performing Arts was completed thanks to a generous gift from the descendants of Roger Craft Peace.

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