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Teachable Moments: Childhood obesity


For South Carolina Public Radio, I'm Dr. Rénard Harris from the College of Charleston. This is Teachable Moments, a minute of education for students and parents.

More than 124 million children across the world are considered obese. Childhood obesity leads to poor mental and physical health outcomes and sets them up for a lifelong trajectory of poor health.

My colleague, Katie Trejo Tello, researches public health and the factors underlying the obesity epidemic. While the main culprits are too many calories and lack of physical activity, her research also points to other contributors such as living conditions and economic stability.

Curbing the obesity epidemic among children requires a multi pronged approach addressing all of these factors.

For the College of Charleston, I'm Dr. Rénard Harris.

Rénard Harris is an Associate Professor of Management in the School of Business at the College of Charleston (2022-present). He teaches courses in Leadership and courses in Managing Diversity. His leadership course focuses on the dynamics of effective leadership, positive influence, and clear vision. His Managing Diversity course focuses on exploring culture, experiences, and identity as asset and resource of those less heard and less seen.