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WEJ at 21: The Life and Times of Judge Matthew J. Perry

FILE - Harvey Gantt, outside the Registrar's office at Clemson university.
Clemson University Library
On January 16, 1963, the U.S. Court of Appeals ordered Clemson to admit Gantt who became its first African American student. The ruling was the result of a lawsuit filed on Gantt's behalf by then-attorney Matthew J. Perry
FILE - Judge Matthew J. Perry
Library of Congress
FILE - Judge Matthew J. Perry

This week on Walter Edgar's Journal, we offer another in our series of encore broadcasts celebrating The Journal at 21, with a 2004 conversation with the late U. S. District Judge Matthew Perry. Perry takes us on a journey from his humble beginnings in a segregated South Carolina to his part in helping to break down the color barrier. In between he spins some delightful stories about the people who helped shape South Carolina throughout the turbulent 60’s and 70’s.

- Originally broadcast 03/19/04-

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