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David Beasley

  • For the first time in 25 years, former South Carolina Gov. David Beasley stood before lawmakers in his home state and gave a speech. His wasn't a look back at old times but a talk about his second career — combatting world hunger. As chief of the U.N. World Food Program until recently, Beasley was instrumental in securing a Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 for that organization, which is credited with saving millions of people around the world from starvation.
  • The executive director of the United Nations World Food Program, which won the Nobel Peace Prize two years ago under his watch, says he will step down at the end of a six-year term heading the world's largest humanitarian organization. David Beasley served one term as South Carolina's governor from 1995 to 1999. He was appointed to the U.N. post in 2017 by then U.S. President Donald Trump. Beasley term was extended under the Biden administration for an extra year. The World Food Program won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 for fighting hunger.
  • David Beasley, Executive Director for the UN's World Food Programme, describes current challenges and possible long-term food supply chain problems that could go beyond Ukraine