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Richland County

  • Sheriff Leon Lott estimates 50 adults and children have lived at a makeshift encampment in a patch of woods, in 'atrocious' conditions. Lott says the ouster was an effort to get residents to services.
  • A federal lawsuit alleges that unsanitary conditions and staff negligence caused the death of a 27-year-old man detained in a South Carolina jail. Police arrested Lason Butler on Jan. 31 on charges of reckless driving, failure to stop for blue lights and driving with a suspended license. The lawsuit filed Wednesday says that he was found dead on Feb. 12 with fresh rat bites and no running water. An autopsy report found that Butler died of dehydration. The lawsuit alleges that jail staff failed to provide "sanitary conditions, appropriate health care, and relief from solitary confinement."
  • A sheriff's department n South Carolina has released more body camera footage of the fatal shooting of a man who lunged at officers with a piece of wood. The family called for both the release of the videos and an independent investigation because the Richland County Sheriff's Department said it will investigate the shooting itself. The new video starts with Irvin D. Moorer Charley's mother demanding a deputy get her son out of her house Saturday, but Connie Craig's tone changes immediately when her son comes out of the home with a piece of wood that a deputy calls a knife. She then begs the officer to not hit her son.
  • In 2018, eight police officers with the City of Columbia were trained in crisis intervention. The interfaith organization MORE Justice credits their work in getting that number close to 200. This April, the group will ask local leaders to act on solving the area's affordable housing and gun violence issues.
  • A sheriff's department in South Carolina has released dashboard camera footage of a deputy killing a Black man who approached officers with a wooden stake. The man's family said the man was moving slowly at the officers and shooting him was not justified. The footage shows Irvin D. Moorer Charley being shot with a stun gun with no apparent affect. He then runs at an officer as the deputy fires seven times . A representative for Moorer Charley's family called on the Richland County Sheriff's Department to release all videos, saying they show he wasn't a threat. The sheriff said the officers were protecting themselves from potentially deadly violence.
  • A South Carolina sheriff is defending Saturday's fatal shooting of a Black man who advanced on officers with a wooden stake. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott told reporters Sunday that deputies can't be expected to sacrifice their lives in dangerous situations. A deputy shot and killed 34-year-old Irvin Moorer Charley in Columbia after officers were called with a complaint that Moorer Charley was being violent toward relatives. Video shows Moorer Charley advancing toward a deputy as he commands the man to drop his weapon. Lott says Moorer Charley rushed a deputy after an attempt to stun Moorer Charley failed. The deputy shot Moorer Charley four times.
  • Kimberley Lackland got five months behind on her rent in an apartment that grew increasingly unlivable. But her landlords turned down rental assistance money and let her lease expire. She managed to find a new place, but she’s aware how lucky that makes her.
  • An Army trainee has been arrested after authorities say he boarded a South Carolina school bus with a gun Thursday and held the driver and elementary students hostage before letting them off the bus.
  • Weather is constantly monitored in South Carolina by meteorologists for TV stations and the National Weather Service. But to keep people informed of—and…