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South of Spooky

  • On this bonus edition of the South Carolina Lede for October 29, 2023, a special treat from Gavin Jackson and A.T. Shire! Enjoy this encore presentation of “South of Spooky,” featuring one of their favorite episodes in the series.
  • The Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Pittsburg, TN is said to have menacing ghosts that roam its empty halls. On this episode of South of Spooky, hosts Gavin Jackson and AT Shire join the team from South Carolina Paranormal Research and Investigations to explore the notorious haunted abandoned hospital.
  • Boo hags, haints and other spirits are found throughout Lowcountry Gullah folklore. A boo hag is said to use witchcraft to steal energy from the living while they sleep. They steal a living person’s skin and wear it to move among the world of the living without suspicion. In this episode of South of Spooky, hosts Gavin Jackson and A.T. Shire learn about boo hags and their connection to Gullah culture. Could it be possible they've run into a boo hag and didn't know it?
  • A mid 1800s forbidden romance led to the secret engagement of Alice Flagg and her star-crossed lover. After becoming ill, Alice’s disapproving brother tore the hidden engagement ring from a ribbon tied around her neck. Now, Alice Flagg is said to haunt her grave at the historic Hermitage in Murrells Inlet... or is it her grave at All Saints Church? On this episode of South of Spooky, hosts AT Shire and Gavin Jackson investigate the story and ask the question, "Where in the world is Alice Flagg?"
  • There are unexplained sightings at Poinsett Bridge in Landrum, thought to be the oldest bridge in South Carolina. Mysterious forces at this fourteen-foot, Gothic style bridge are reported to keep cars from starting and, and stories of bizarre screams and lights abound. Join hosts Gavin Jackson and AT Shire as they investigate the complicated history of the Poinsett Bridge and try to find the source of these legends.
  • Over 30 years ago, a young man got a flat tire while driving near Scape Ore Swamp. A large, green, lizard-like creature emerged from the shadows and viciously attacked his car as he drove away. Many others have claimed encounters with the legendary Lizard Man, leaving a mark on the small, agricultural town of Bishopville. On this episode of "South of Spooky," join hosts Gavin Jackson and A.T. Shire as they explore this local legend and try to track down the Lizard Man.
  • The Gray Man of Pawleys Island is considered a sign of protection from hurricanes, but there’s a centuries-old story behind this mysterious sighting. On this inaugural episode of South of Spooky, join hosts Gavin Jackson and AT Shire as they investigate the legend of the Gray Man.