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Spartanburg County

  • A historically Black university in North Carolina says it has filed a complaint with the Department of Justice seeking a review of a search of a bus carrying students during a traffic stop in South Carolina last month. Shaw University President Paulette Dillard has accused law enforcement officers of racially profiling students traveling to a conference in Atlanta. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright called the accusations false, saying officers stopped the bus because it was swerving. Dillard says the issue is how the alleged minor violation turned into a drug search. The complaint states that a lane violation would be insufficient justification for a search and students' privacy was violated because they didn't consent to a luggage search.
  • BMW will invest $1 billion in its sprawling factory near Spartanburg, South Carolina, to start producing electric vehicles and an additional $700 million to build a electric-battery plant nearby. The German automaker’s announcement reflects its commitment to transitioning to electric-vehicle production in North America, in line with similarly ambitious plans by other major automakers.
  • Authorities say a man shot and killed five people in a South Carolina home while he was using drugs and hadn't slept in four days. Spartanburg Sheriff Chuck Wright says 24-year-old James Douglas Drayton was arrested in Burke County, Georgia, on Monday. He crashed during a police chase, after he tried to rob a convenience store and kidnap an employee. The sheriff says Drayton confessed to the killings, and handed over the gun he said he used. The sheriff said he doesn't have a possible motive.