With COVID-19 decimating the cruise industry, our next guest’s Lowcountry company faced a serious dilemma because their main business was designing, manufacturing, and installing cruise ship signage and interiors.  But like many other similarly affected businesses, they completely shifted their operations to manufacture something in demand during this crisis; in their case - medical face shields.

Mike Switzer interviews Patrick McNulty, co-owner of The Bourne Group in North Charleston, SC.

Mask Makers Help Keep Health Care Workers Safe

May 12, 2020
Individual seamstresses and small businesses are making face masks to help workers in hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities
Tut Underwood/SC Public Radio

Both small businesses and individuals have enlisted in an effort to help hospitals, doctors' offices  and  employees of other institutions to protect themselves from the coronavirus by making reusable cloth masks, gowns or other protective equipment.

SCCOVID19.org is a new website developed to put health care providers, first responders and other workers in touch with state manufacturers who can supply personal protective equipment (PPE).

In this day of spreading coronavirus, a new website has been developed to put health care providers, first responders and various companies in touch with South Carolina manufacturers who can produce essentially all of the supplies required by hospitals, plants or anyone in need of safety equipment.   

SCCOVID19.org was the result of a collaboration between the South Carolina Hospital Association, the S.C. Manufacturing Extension Partnership (SCMEP), the S.C. Dept. of Commerce and SC Bio.