Ringing in the New Year with Another Cold Front

Dec 28, 2020
National Weather Service

Temperatures will be on the rise across the Palmetto State, after a numbingly cold Christmas weekend. However, as South Carolina approaches the final holiday weekend of 2020, another strong cold front is expected to carve through the region.

Storm Prediction Center

A battle of the seasons is anticipated over the next couple of days as a powerful cold front approaches the Southeastern United States delivering a wet Christmas Eve followed by a frigid arctic air mass Christmas Day.

On Wednesday a deepening low pressure system near the Great Lakes was continuing to track eastward while dragging a cold air mass southward and pulling a long and powerful cold front which stretches down to the Gulf Coast.

National Weather Service

Christmas is just days away and Mother Nature is expected to deliver a blast of winter weather to the Palmetto State beginning Christmas Eve.

An intensifying low pressure system will shift east away from the Cascades and Northern Rockies and cross through the Dakotas Tuesday and Wednesday. This system should move over the Great Lakes Wednesday while dragging a cold air mass southward and pulling a long and powerful cold front.

Freeze Warnings Issued for Parts of Pee Dee

Nov 18, 2020
National Weather Service

Freeze Warnings and Frost Advisories are in effect for parts of the Pee Dee region as a blast of chilly air is expected to lower temperatures to near freezing overnight into Thursday.

Some of the coldest weather of the season is expected tonight as a strong high pressure builds over the region, directing cold and dry northerly winds into the state which will drop temperatures to below average.

Eta Strengthens To A Hurricane In The Western Caribbean

Nov 1, 2020
Hurricane Eta Forecast Track and Intensity
National Hurricane Center

Update as of 10:45am Monday:

Eta continues to rapidly intensify and is now a category 2 hurricane with top winds of 110 mph. It is forecast to become a major hurricane soon and make landfall early Tuesday as an extremely dangerous category 4 hurricane in Nicaragua.

Update as of 7:30 am Monday:

Standpipes built for the springs makes it easier to fill up
Linda Núñez/SC Public Radio

There’s a humble little piece of land in Blackville South Carolina. For generations, local families and travelers from across the country have been making the trek here to Healing Springs.

Historical records that date back to 1770, as well as Barnwell County locals, state that this land was once owned by the Edistos, Native Americans who revered the springs as sacred, and its waters a source of health and healing.

Tropics Quieting Down but it Likely Won't Last

Sep 23, 2020
National Hurricane Center

Tropical activity has been excessively active throughout August and September, but now a much- needed lull is expected for at least the next couple of weeks in the Atlantic as the final active month of hurricane season approaches.

A strong convectively-suppressed Kelvin wave, which causes sinking air and less thunderstorm genesis, is expected to pass through the tropical Atlantic over the next 10 to 14 days. This is expected to inhibit tropical cyclone development over the open Atlantic as the month of October approaches.

Scott Morgan / South Carolina Public Radio

Admittedly, we don’t often profile residents of Arizona here at South Carolina Public Radio.

But we’ve never gotten a visitor quite like Jessica Cox.