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ATC Tropical Storm Danielle Heading Toward Hurricane Status

In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Danielle formed this morning and could become a hurricane by the end of the week. This system is intensifying over the subtropics, but its movement is very slow and not concerning.

This system is far, far away from any landmass… located in the subtropical Atlantic waters over 1500 miles east of the United States. But this is an area where the water is warmer than average and conditions for continued develop are very likely. So, we could have the first hurricane of the season by tomorrow or Saturday. It is important to stress that this system will soon be heading northward and is no threat to us or anywhere in the US.

There are also two areas of potential development in the tropics near the Lesser Antilles and off the west coast of Africa. Both areas could better organize the next few days, but they do not pose an immediate threat to land.