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Director's Cuts : Fresh Picks

Here's some information on Ned's Director's Cuts:

Ralph Towner - Guitarist Ralph Towner's new cd, Anthem on ECM Records harkens back to his 1979 Solo Concert record, showcasing his amazing virtuosity on both 12-string and classical guitars.

Don Preston - Keyboardist Don Preston contributed crazed synth solos to Frank Zappa's music in the early 70's, and played keyboards with scads of others. His new cd, Transformation on Cryptogramophone sounds like a wild pianistic encounter between Cecil Taylor and Thelonius Monk.

!!! - Nothin' but three exclamation points identify this cd by a Sacramento-based group whose powerful angular dance music sounds like the new millenium's Gang of Four. Go to Midheaven Record distributor on the web, search for Chik Chik Chik and you'll find it.

Susheela Raman - Great world music blend from a Bengali vocalist born in the U.K., Susheela Raman's Salt Rain is her debut cd on Narada Records.

Tom Freund - Singer/songwriter Tom Freund's new cd, Sympatico has a powerful alt-country sound. It's available via his Web site at http://www.tomfreund.com/.

The Music of Eric von Essen Volume II - Follow-up to the gorgeous first volume of compositions by the late Los Angeles bass player; lovely jazz, beautiful playing on this Cryptogramophone release.

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