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South Carolina Business Review
Mon-Fri, 7:51 am

The South Carolina Business Review, with host Mike Switzer, focuses on news from South Carolina's business community with interviews of many small business owners and business leaders from around the state. South Carolina's nonprofits, including its colleges and universities are also regularly featured on the program, as well as many of the state's small business support organizations. 

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Latest Episodes
  • During the past couple of years, most businesses stayed very busy just keeping their companies running during the pandemic. That included following new rules about paid sick leave and workplace safety and health—and what they could and couldn’t do about requiring employees to be vaccinated. As business has returned to a more “normal” normal, what are the main concerns now in the workplace? Mike Switzer interviews David Dubberly, an employment lawyer with Nexsen Pruet in Columbia, SC.
  • After a 15-year career in recruiting, both within an executive search firm as well as in-house at a large public accounting firm, our next guest decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and start her ownrecruiting firm…despite the current extremely competitive labor market. Mike Switzer interviews Rhiannon Poore, CEO of Forge Search and Consulting in Greenville, SC.
  • Not too long ago, our next guest was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal when he experienced that cliched “light bulb” moment and began chasing and developing an idea that would lead to a new fertility treatment process involving artificial intelligence. Mike Switzer interviews Dr. John Schnorr, founder of Cycle Clarity in Mount Pleasant, SC.
  • 2022 has been a difficult year for stocks and bonds highlighted by significant volatility. Which our next guest believes may continue and so he wants to share with us a couple of ideas on how to take advantage of volatility. Mike Switzer interviews Wes Johnson, a certified financial planner with ACT Advisors in Charleston, SC.
  • Mike Switzer interviews John Warner, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Innoventure in Greenville, S.C. John tells us about some SC organizations that had concept outlines accepted into the National Science Foundation Regional Innovation Engines program.
  • During the pandemic when restaurants were closed, many people decided to cook more of their own meals than they had been used to. Has that trend continued or at least are there more home chefs than there used to be? Our next guest should know the answer to that. Mike Switzer interviews John Militello, owner, chef and culinary instructor at Let’s Cook Culinary studio in Columbia, SC.
  • The dairy industry has been hit by a double whammy over the past few years with rising costs and lower demand since the number of Americans who drink milk has been steadily dwindling. And it’s just these circumstances that Borden attributes to their recent decision to close their North Charleston facility. Our next guest says it’s just one more negative thing for our state’s dairy industry because it’s one less place South Carolina farmers can take their milk to be processed. Mike Switzer interviews Adam Kantrovich, assistant director of the Clemson Extension Agribusiness Team at the Sandhills Research and Education Center in Columbia, SC.
  • Sadly, school shootings continue to happen. After Sandy Hook, our next guest’s company decided to use their CEO’s military experience to create a product that they hope will help make schools safer. Mike Switzer interviews Kirk Ferguson, chief of staff at R2P Innovations in Goose Creek, SC.
  • Since the pandemic started, we have been hearing about ships clogging our ports. While that situation has eased somewhat, our next guest believes it and high rates of inflation will continue for a while due to increased consumer demand fueled by years of the Fed’s easy money policy and more recently, pandemic relief money. Mike Switzer interviews Bruce Yandle, Dean Emeritus at the College of Business & Behavioral Science and Alumni Professor of Economics Emeritus, both at Clemson University. He is also the Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center which publishes his Economic Situation Report.
  • Mike Switzer interviews John Warner, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Innoventure in Greenville, S.C. John tells us about SmartState endowed chair, Dr. Charles Bennett at the University of South Carolina whose Twitter research may be able to be used for medication safety.