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StoryCorps is (virtually) coming to South Carolina for its Military Voices Initiative. StoryCorps will facilitate approximately 50 virtual recording sessions April 12-23, 2021, with appointments offered Monday-Friday of each week.
A view of the cooker around which the 1991 Imperial Foods chicken processing plant fire was centered. Taken from this report by the United States Fire Administration.
United States Fire Administration
On the morning of September 3, 1991, the never-inspected chicken-processing plant a stone’s throw from city hall in tiny Hamlet, NC, burst into flames. Twenty-five people perished that day behind the plant’s locked and bolted doors. It remains one of the deadliest accidents ever in the history of the modern American food industry.
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  • On this episode of the South Carolina Lede for April 10, 2021, we break down the bills which moved from one state legislative chamber to the other during this "crossover week." Plus: a look at extra money lawmakers will have to budget with this year; the S.C. Ports Authority's record-breaking March; and much more.
  • Since the unexpected closing of schools just over a year ago, students, parents, teachers, administrators, and public officials have grappled with how to keep the state’s 767,000 school children from falling too far behind.
  • As a fourth-grader, Rumeur wrote about how to treat transgender people. Her school argued that writing about transgender issues was not age-appropriate. So far, two courts have agreed. Now 12, Rumeur is still trying to figure out what message to take from her experience.
  • This edition of the South Carolina Lede for April 3, 2021, features: an update on efforts to expand broadband internet access in the state; the latest on proposed medical marijuana legislation; a look at what the state is doing to strengthen our medical supply chains; and more.
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