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Andrew Harnik
The former president has now won every contest where he was on the ballot. For Haley, the loss in her home state is a big blow to her bid for the GOP nomination. Still, she plans to keep campaigning.
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Latest Episodes of the SC Business Review
  • Rachel Touchet, founder of R&R Resolute Staffing in Greenville, SC
    With the low unemployment rate continuing across our state, employers are becoming more and more competitive in their hiring and as a result, pressure is building at staffing agencies. Our next guest says that one answer may be an effort to place more women in manufacturing jobs
  • Joe Carson, chief technology officer at Pensievision in Charleston, SC.
    S.C. company developing imaging technology for early-stage detection and analysis of cervical cancer earns InnoVision's Technology Development Award.
Latest episodes of Walter Edgar's Journal
  • A statue of Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, the founder of St. Augustine, stands outside the Lightner Museum.
    Joe Shlabotnik
    In this episode, we'll talk with Prof. Kevin Kokomoor about his book, La Florida: Catholics, Conquistadores, and Other American Origin Stories.Spanish sailors discovering the edges of a new continent, greedy, violent conquistadors quickly moving in to find riches, and Catholic missionaries on their search for religious converts: these forces of Spanish colonialism in Florida helped spark British plans for colonization of the continent and influenced some of the most enduring traditions of the larger Southeast. The key history presented in the book challenges the general assumption that whatever is important or interesting about this country is a product of its English past.
  • This week we have a fun conversation with author George Singleton about his new book Asides: Occasional Essays on Dogs, Food, Restaurants, Bars, Hangovers, Jobs, Music, Family Trees, Robbery, Relationships, Being Brought Up Questionably, Et Cetera. It's a collection of fascinating and curious essays, in which Singleton explains how he came to be a writer (he blames barbecue), why he still writes his first draft by hand (someone stole his typewriter), and what motivated him to run marathons (his father gave him beer). In eccentric world-according-to-George fashion, Laugh-In’s Henry Gibson is to blame for Singleton’s literary education, and Aristotle would’ve been a failed philosopher had he grown up in South Carolina.
Latest Episodes of the SC Lede
  • Gavin Jackson, left, and Winthrop University's Scott Huffmon discuss South Carolina GOP Primary's role in the national political conversation.
    AT Shire
    SC Public Radio.
    On this special edition of the South Carolina Lede for February 24, 2024: host Gavin Jackson is joined by Winthrop University's Scott Huffmon to discuss the 2024 South Carolina Republican Primary.
  • Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley holds one of her last campaign rallies in Myrtle Beach on Feb. 22, 2024. Haley has crisscrossed the state in the final two weeks of the South Carolina campaign in an attempt to rally support during early voting and close the gap between her and former President Donald Trump.
    Gavin Jackson
    On this episode of the South Carolina Lede for February 24, 2024: producer A.T. Shire guest hosts this mini-podcast leading up to this afternoon’s live Lede presentation covering today’s S.C. Republican primary.
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