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Microsoft, which hosts cloud services with businesses and governments, said it was grappling with service outages after a glitch triggered by software distributed by cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike.<br>
Haven Daley
A tech meltdown left workers at airlines, banks and hospitals staring at the dreaded “blue screen of death” as their computers went inert in what is being described as a historic outage.
South Carolina News
As we head into this year's elections, we want to hear from you. Do you have questions about the candidates or the voting process? Working with our partners at America Amplified, we'll get the answers and share them with you and our fellow South Carolinians.
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Latest episodes of Walter Edgar's Journal
  • "Ichnography of Charleston, South Carolina"
    Library of Congress
    For centuries residents of Charleston, SC, have made many attempts, both public and private, to manipulate the landscape of the low-lying peninsula on which Charleston sits, surrounded by wetlands, to maximize drainage, and thus buildable land and to facilitate sanitation. In her book, Lowcountry at High Tide: A History of Flooding, Drainage, and Reclamation in Charleston, South Carolina (2020, USC Press), Christina Rae Butler uses three hundred years of archival records to show not only the alterations to the landscape past and present, but also the impact those efforts have had on the residents at various socio-economic levels throughout its history.In this encore of a broadcast conversation from 2020, Butler explores the ways in which Charleston has created land with Dr. Edgar, and they talk about challenges facing the city in the face of rising sea levels.
  • One of the Davis brothers who operated the Davis Battery Electric company in Greenville, 1930.
    Courtesy of Bobbie Jean Rovner, Greenville
    This week we will be talking with Diane Vecchio about her book, Peddlers, Merchants, and Manufacturers: How Jewish Entrepreneurs Built Economy and Community in Upcountry South Carolina (2024, USC Press).In the book, Diane examines the diverse economic experiences of Jews who settled in Upcountry (now called Upstate) South Carolina. Like other parts of the so-called New South, the Upcountry was a center of textile manufacturing and new business opportunities that drew entrepreneurial energy to the region. Working with a rich set of oral histories, memoirs, and traditional historical documents, she explores Jewish community development and describes how Jewish business leaders also became civic leaders and affected social, political, and cultural life. The Jewish community's impact on all facets of life across the Upcountry is vital to understanding the growth of today's Spartanburg-Greenville corridor.
Latest Episodes of the SC Lede
  • 1st District Congresswoman Nancy Mace addresses the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, July 17, 2024.
    On this episode of the South Carolina Lede for July 18, 2024: part of 1st District Congresswoman Nancy Mace’s remarks before the RNC yesterday evening; Sen. Lindsey Graham gives his insight on how former Pres. Donald Trump has changed since the attempt on his life on Saturday, and what he hopes Trump says in his speech tonight at 10 p.m. EDT; and more!
  • Former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley takes the convention stage on July 16, 2024, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    On this episode of the South Carolina Lede for July 17, 2024: day three of the Republican National Convention, with highlights from former Gov. Nikki Haley’s primetime speech on Tuesday; SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick talks about his evolving party and Sen. Tim Scott talks about his fiancé who he will be marrying in just over two weeks; Rep. Nancy Mace is set to take the convention stage this evening; and more!
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SC Public Radio and the Anne Springs Close Greenway are excited to announce the Rooted Rhythm concert series in Fort Mill, SC. Join us August 16 for Chatham Rabbits!

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