Thailand's main opposition is leading the ruling military junta's party in national elections, but no clear-cut winner has been determined from Sunday's vote, amid confusion and complaints of voting irregularities.

With more election results still to be announced, both of the leading parties say they're working to form Thailand's next government.

It was a telling moment: David Wallace-Wells, author of the new book The Uninhabitable Earth, was making an appearance on MSNBC's talk show Morning Joe. He took viewers through scientific projections for drowned cities, death by heat stroke and a massive, endless refugee crisis — due to climate change. As the interview closed, one of the show's hosts, Willie Geist, looked to Wallace-Wells and said, "Let's end on some hope."

Scott Walker, a pop singer who gave up stardom to carve out one of the most original and uncompromising careers in modern music, died Friday. He was 76. His record label, 4AD, announced Walker's death on Monday morning. No other details were provided.

Walker was best known for his work with blue-eyed soul trio The Walker Brothers in the 1960s, but it was his late-career trilogy of challenging art-rock albums that defined his reputation as one of avant-garde music's most electrifying auteurs.

Partisan gerrymandering is back at the U.S. Supreme Court.

A year and a pivotal justice's retirement after the high court dodged the question, those seeking to break the political stranglehold over legislative redistricting are urging the justices to draw a line beyond which the Republican and Democratic parties cannot go in entrenching their political power, sometimes for decades at a time.

Great Quotations 2

5 hours ago
A Minute with Miles
SC Public Radio/Mary Noble Ours

The words today of Hector Berlioz, writing about Beethoven:

“… the thousands of men and women… whom he has so often carried away on the wings of his thought to the highest regions of poetry…

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Rent the Runway... but for your living room?

5 hours ago

How is the global economic slowdown affecting the U.S.? The Dept. of Labor is looking to raise the minimum salary threshold for overtime pay. Plus, Rent the Runway has teamed up with West Elm to provide short-term, home decor and furniture rentals, and you can thank selfies for that.

Rent the Runway turns its attention to the home

5 hours ago

Rent the Runway lets women rent designer clothes and accessories on a short-term basis. The company's next move might well be called "Rent the Living Room." It has partnered with home decor retailer West Elm to offer rentals of throws, quilts, pillow sets and other items. Customers can accessorize their homes using subscription packages that will begin at $89 a month.

Head to a fancy coffee shop, an organic food store, or — soon, in many states — a CVS Pharmacy, and you'll see all kinds of products marked with three letters: CBD. That stands for "cannabidiol," a compound derived from cannabis that doesn't give a "high." But even as market research firms anticipate the CBD industry crossing the $1 billion threshold in the next few years, regulatory confusion clouds its future.

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Markets around the world are feeling the global slowdown and the continued issues over trade this Monday. Apple is expected to announce some type of streaming service today, but with so many options for cord cutters already, will there be an appetite for it? Plus, the rent just keeps getting higher, and you can look at zoning as one of the culprits.

From the BBC World Service… One of Britain's biggest fraud trails begins today as HP seeks $5 billion from the founder of Autonomy, a company the computing giant acquired back in 2011 for $10 billion dollars. Then, after wooing Italy last week to become the first G-7 country to sign on to China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, President Xi Jinping continues his European tour today as he begins an official state visit to France. But will he have the same luck touting the project’s benefits? Plus, what happens to Britain's future trade relationships – deal or no-deal Brexit?


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