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Anti-War Songs

Music critic Will Hermes tells us about the latest crop of anti-war songs. These aren't your father's anti-war tunes. They have roots in the jazz stylings of Sun Ra, hip-hop, punk and pop.

The artists:

• Chumbawamba, available as free MP3 from the Web site www.chumba.com• Ted
Leo, from the CD Hearts of Oak (Lookout!)• Dan Bern
from The Swastika EP (Messenger)• Ani DiFranco
from the forthcoming CD Evolve (Righteous Babe)• Sage Francis from
The Makeshift Patriot EP (Anticon)• Mr. Lif from the CD I,
Phantom (Def Jux)• Yo La Tengo from EP single N
uclear War (Matador)


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