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Eco-Friendly Tailgating

Nothing brings a community together like sporting events and whether you’re routing for little league or your alma mater, try to think green when tailgating.  First remember to clean up after yourself and bring a trash bag so there’s no litter left behind after the game. And if you can remember it, a box for recyclable cans and bottles is a good idea too.  Many people like to grill out and snack on finger food before the game, so bring along reusable team plates that can be taken home in your empty cooler, or opt for biodegradable or recyclable disposable plates to decrease the amount of waste going to our landfills.  Buy local produce and snacks, and try to find an organic wine or beer that you like for game day.  Parking can be a hassle especially at college games, so designate a driver and carpool to and from the game or take advantage of public transportation or game day shuttles