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Food Safety 3

When it comes to food safety, it’s important to follow a few simple rules to make sure your family stays healthy.  Here a few common food safety mistakes that have been proven to cause serious illness.  Mistake number 1: tasting food to see if it’s still good. Even a small amount of tainted food can cause serious illness.  The best rule of thumb is when in doubt, throw it out!  Mistake number 2: putting cooked food back on the plate that held raw meat.  This type of cross contamination can spread bacteria and it’s so easy to avoid.  Another mistake:  washing meat or poultry.  Not only does this not clean your food, but it also can spread germs and bacteria to your sink and countertops.  One more common mistake is forgetting to wash your hands!  This oversight can spread germs from your hands to the food your family eats, so wash up before you start cooking and regularly throughout the day.