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German College Student Ditches Apartment To Ride The Rails


Leonie Mueller doesn't have a home, but she's not exactly homeless. Last spring, the German college student had a falling out with her landlord. She told the Washington Post, quote, "I instantly decided I didn't want to live there anymore. And then I realized, actually I didn't want to live anywhere anymore." Anywhere permanent, that is. So in May, Mueller boarded a train and another and then another. And now she lives on trains. Though she has to pack light, she's not really roughing it. German trains have no shortage of amenities. They offer Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and menus featuring regional specialties. Mueller can wash her hair in the bathroom or do her homework while crisscrossing the country at high speeds. A monthly pass costs about $380 a month, cheaper than her old apartment. And there's no feuding with landlords or roommates. She plans to keep this up for about a year, then turn the experience into a college thesis. It's not clear how often Mueller springs for a berth in a sleeping bar, otherwise imagine the stiff neck. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.