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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!  As you gather with family today and eat the Thanksgiving meal together, keep in mind that while you’re cooking, eating, and cleaning you can conserve energy too.

Remember that when you cook on your stovetop, match the size of the heating element to the pan you use so that less heat is lost to the surrounding air.  You’ll probably have left-over’s too, but try to only open the refrigerator and freezer doors when necessary, otherwise that cooler air will escape.  A full refrigerator is a more efficient one because the mass of cold items inside will help recover the cooler temperature each time the door is opened.  When it’s time to wash the dishes, only run a full load in your dishwasher to conserve water and energy.  Saving energy in the kitchen is a habit you should use all year long, but Thanksgiving is a great time to start!