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Jumping Monkey Smoothie


Whether you need a little pick me up in the morning, or a nice afternoon break, this smoothie recipe, called the Jumping Monkey will really get you moving!  This recipe serves two or maybe just one really jumpy monkey.

In your blender, start with two very ripe bananas, cut into chunks and frozen.  Add two shots of espresso, or four ounces of strong coffee, cooled.  Then include half a cup of Greek yogurt, six ounces milk (you could use your favorite non-dairy brand if you like), one heaped tablespoon of cocoa powder, and if you like your coffee sweet, you can add one tablespoon of honey.  Turn on the blender and wait for the mixture to get smooth and frothy- you can add more milk as needed.  Split into two servings, or enjoy the whole smoothie by yourself and get ready to start jumping like a monkey!