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Eggshells are Gold for your Garden


Eggs are such a versatile food that can be used for so many recipes, but eggshells are gold for your garden.  Before you throw out those eggshells, try these handy tips.  Use eggshells to add calcium to your compost or add ground up shells directly to your flower beds for fertilizer. 

Adding eggshells to your garden will deter snails- the slimy pests dislike the sharp edges of ground up eggshells and will leave your garden in search of easier terrain.  And because eggshells quickly biodegrade when introduced to soil in the garden, they are perfect for use as seed-started pods.  You’ll need to be careful to leave most of the shell intact when removing the contents, then clean the egg, puncture a small drainage hole in the bottom of the shell, and fill the pod with moist soil and your seed.  Plant the shell when the seedlings are ready for transplanting.