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Dry Skin Remedies


Winter is here and along with it comes dry, flaky skin.  If you’re worried about some of the chemicals or compounds in common lotions, here are some natural alternativesto help relieve dry skin.  Although it may feel relaxing, avoid using very hot water in the shower or to wash your face as the heat can zap the natural moisture in your skin.

Almond oil, olive oil, or grape seed oil can be used as a natural moisturizer before bed, but if you’ve got a really irritating case of dry skin, try combining one egg yolk, a teaspoon each of orange juice and olive oil, a few drops of rose water if you have it, and a few drops of lime juice.  Apply the mixture 15 minutes before your morning shower.  Alcohol and caffeine can both dehydrate, so try cutting back on these as they may be the culprits.  And eating oily omega-3 rich fish like salmon can help, too.