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How to Spot a Natural Gas Leak


Many South Carolina residents use natural gas to heat their homes.  While this energy source is warm, it’s also a good idea to keep safety in mind to protect your property.  Here are the major signs of a gas leak indoors: an odor that smells like rotten eggs or an unusual noise coming from your gas equipment are very serious dangers.

You should leave the property immediately, get to a nearby phone and call your energy company.  Signs of an outdoor gas leak could include dirt or debris being blown into the air, persistent bubbles from wet areas on the ground, or if vegetation on or near a pipeline appears discolored or dead.  Do not attempt to find the leak or try to repair a leak yourself.  Don’t turn on or off any electrical switches and do not use the phone inside your home.  Again, you should immediately vacate the property and call your natural gas supplier or emergency personnel.