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Spring DIY 1


Spring is here!  And to get you into a “spring” frame of mind, here are a few ideas for Spring Do-it-yourself crafts.  Turn a garden hose into your front door wreath.  Secure the hose with a twist tie, then tie or hot glue silk flowers, garden gloves, or other spring themed items.  Get creative, and try to upcycle items rather than buying new!  Gold some old card stock or scrap paper?  Fold and cut butterfly shapes from the paper, then tape them to a blank wall for a decorative butterfly garden. 

Or give new life to your kitchen cabinets by painting the insides a fresh spring color!  Got a large collection of single use Chinese chopsticks that come with your take-out dinner?  With a little patience a glass jar and some hot glue you can turn these into a nice vase for a floral center piece.