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Spring DIY 2


Spring has sprung!  Here are some spring do-it-yourself projects help you get into the spirit.  Have you got some old keys lying around?  Upcycle them into a key rack, or by the door stuff holder, by bending the keys into hooks and affixing them to a reclaimed piece of wood.  Old silverware and flatware can be turned into musical wind chimes with a few power tools and hand skills. 

Or turn a world globe into a decorative topiary by affixing faux moss and silk or paper flowers.  You could cover the continents with green moss and the bodies with blue flowers, or be creative and create a brand new world view!  Bits of fabric can be turned into no-sew folded flowers to decorate a child’s room, or gather your old buttons and turn them into flower pins with a safety pin and some hot glue.