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Remove Kitchen Odors


If you’ve ever walked into your kitchen and immediately smelled an appalling odor, then take note because here are some quick and easy ways to remove kitchen odors.  That garbage disposal is often the culprit of bad odors, so save lemon or citrus rinds and run them through the disposal once or twice a month.  

Scrub your sink drains with salt and baking soda, then run hot water to wash away grime and odors.  Keep your sponges dry and in a well-ventilated place to avoid that mildewed sponge stink.  A fish fry is tasty, but can leave a pungent smell, so boil a cup of water with three table spoons of vinegar and let the steam permeate the room to remove the stink.  The old trick of keeping baking soda in the fridge really does work, but cleaning the fridge every year as part of your spring cleaning is a good idea, too.