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Scrap Paper Ideas


In an office or school, scrap paper can really pile up.  Rather than throwing it away and before your recycle it, try these ideas to give scrap paper a longer shelf life.  Instead of using fresh paper, print any first drafts of school essays on the reverse side of scrap paper.  This idea can also apply to work memos and emails. 

Surplus paper can also be used in school and at home as scratch paper for math problems.  And scrap paper is great to use as coloring pages and for craft projects.  Cut scrap paper into smaller pieces to use for phone messages or notes throughout the day.  Slice paper into strips to use as bookmarks or to make grocery lists.  Once the documents are organized into a three ring binder, use the hole punches as confetti at your next party.  Or throw an Origami party and practice your crane technique with bits of scrap paper!