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The Dangers of Leaving your Dog in a Hot Car


As you well know, the heat in South Carolina can be sweltering.  So when Fido’s out and about running errands with you, never leave him in the car!  Even on a relatively cool day, the temperatures inside your car can increase forty degrees every hour and on hot days, temperatures can reach one hundred and twenty degrees in a matter of minutes.  

Leaving the windows open or parking in a shady spot do not stop temperatures from increasing and your car will get just as hot with the windows open as it will with them closed.   So don’t leave your pet in a parked car for even a few minutes!  Instead, use the drive-through where available, go to pet friendly stores, eat outside on a patio where your pet is welcome, bring a friend to play with Fido while you run your errands, or just leave him at home where it’s cool and he’s safe.