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Smoothie Freezer Packs


Eating well can be tough when your time is so precious- all too often, we choose the quickest food options rather than the healthiest ones.  But if you’re interested in getting into the smoothie craze, here’s a great time saving idea: spend ten minutes packing smoothie freezer packs that you can blend and enjoy on the go.  

You’ll need a few sealable plastic bags and your favorite fruits and veggies.  Simply pack one cup of mango slices, one cup of strawberries and one sliced banana into a bag and place in the freezer.  Then, when it’s time to enjoy a healthy fruit smoothie, put these ingredients and half a cup of Greek yogurt plus half a cup of water into your blender and go!  You can use this idea for your favorite smoothie recipes and you’ll be amazed at how just a little prep work can make your morning routine a lot easier!