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Walking Off Calories


Have you ever considered how long it would take to work off the calories in your favorite treat?  The answer can be quite a shock.  For example, if you were to consume a cheeseburger, you would need to run a little over five miles to burn the equivalent calories. 

And that medium milkshake you love so much?  You would need to spend over four hours at the gym stretching to burn those seven hundred and twenty calories.  When you can, choose grilled chicken rather than fried, but even a grilled chicken BLT sandwich is equivalent to one hour of weightlifting.  And what about that Cobb salad that you chose as a healthier option?  How about two hours of aerobics to work off the nine hundred hidden calories in that salad?  A recent study shows that if people are giving this kind of information as well as the calorie total, they are less likely to choose fatty options.