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Fall Home Projects


As we move into fall, it’s a good time to think about a few projects around the house to weather proof and gear up for the season.  This may be a good time to change your windows.  If you still have single pane less efficient windows, gear up for cooler weather by upgrading to double pane energy efficient ones. 


Or if that’s not in your budget, look into swapping your window screens for storm windows to keep the cold air out.  Raking up fall leaves is a real chore, but you can run over them with the lawn mower to mulch leaves.  Or use them in your compost bin for extra nutrients.  Fall is a good time to plant spring bulbs as well.  Though you’ll want to time this just right- the bulbs will need a few weeks to root before the cold sets in, but planting too soon will result in sprouted bulbs!  And this is a good time for a bi-annual HVAC tune up.