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The Benefits of Napping


Our schedules tend to be jam packed with work, school, and everything in between, but if you can carve out ten to thirty minutes for a nap, you may feel a boost in your mental and physical well-being.  There are many benefits to taking a nap including improved cardiovascular health and healthy weight management.

Think about a 10 minute cat nap to stave off the mid afternoon slump rather than reaching for the sugary drink!  If you can manage it, take a nap between one and three pm and keep it under forty-five minutes to avoid grogginess.  The key here is that you want a quick rest, not a full REM cycle!  A ten minute nap can enhance your mood and increase alertness.  A twenty minute nap can revitalize and sharpen your senses and a thirty minute nap improves memory and physical health.  Naps have been shown to have a host of health benefits, no wonder it was our favorite activity during pre-school!