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Uncommon Uses for Olive Oil


Olive Oil is a staple in many kitchens, but did you know that there are a slew of uses for olive oil that don’t involve the stove?  For instance, olive oil can be used as a natural eye make-up remover and a moisturizing shave cream.

You can lubricate a hinge with olive oil or remove a sticker and chewing gum with it.  Got paint or sap on your hands?  Mix olive oil with a little salt to scrub and exfoliate while removing the mess.  If the lights go out, you can pour olive oil into a glass jar, poke a hole in the lid and insert a candle wick to light your way.  Need a hot oil treatment to make your hair soft and silky?  Warm some olive oil and massage it into your tresses.  Leave the treatment in your hair for up to an hour, and then wash away for smooth, moisturized locks.  You can even polish furniture and stainless steel with olive oil.