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Meal Planning


We’re all trying to get more done in less time, but being on the go all the time can negatively affect your eating habits.  The best defense is a good plan!  So take a few moments to plan your meals for the week.

You’ll spend less time at the grocery store, spend less money, worry less about what’s for dinner, and make eating healthy easier!  Start by jotting down any events for the week like soccer games or that date night you’ve been planning all month.  Then, decide what to cook- it may be easier getting started to establish a routine: make Tuesday fish night, maybe Friday night you usually eat out, and Saturday could be pizza night.  Next to each meal, write down where the recipe is located in the cook book or online.  Make the shopping list of items you need and STICK TO THE LIST!  By planning your week, you may find you have more time to enjoy meal time with your family.