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Winter Heating


As the weather gets colder, you can really start to feel the pinch of heating your home when you receive that monthly power bill!  But your heating system, and the way you use it account for a lot of that bill.  Before you upgrade your system, improve the efficiency of your house- this will allow you to purchase a smaller unit and save you money on the upgrades.

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, this is a good place to start.  But you can set the temperatures manually to help save energy.  Make it a habit to turn the temperature down ten degrees before you leave the house each morning.  This way, you only heat your house when you’re home to enjoy it!  You can use a space heater, whether it’s electric, combustion, a wood pellet stove, or even a fire place to heat a specific room, but be sure to follow any safety guidelines that may apply for your space heater.  And set your ceiling fans to turn clockwise- this will blow rising hot air back down into the room.