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Ukraine war updates: Russia strikes Kyiv as Russian troops move into Belarus (Oct. 17)

Firefighters work after a drone attack on buildings in Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday. It was the second Monday in a row of Russian strikes on the Ukrainian capital.
Roman Hrytsyna
Firefighters work after a drone attack on buildings in Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday. It was the second Monday in a row of Russian strikes on the Ukrainian capital.

As the week begins, here's a look ahead and a roundup of key developments from the past week.

What to watch this week

After two consecutive Mondays of strikes on Kyiv, concern is rising in Ukraine's capital as the war with Russia nears the eight-month mark.

NATO will hold nuclear deterrence exercises starting Monday. NATO has warned Russia not to use nuclear weapons on Ukraine but says the "Steadfast Noon" drills are a routine, annual training activity.

Russia typically holds nuclear exercises around the same time.

Russia's military moves in Belarus, a Kremlin ally that borders both Russia and Ukraine, are also being watched closely.

What happened last week

Russia launched a barrage of attacks hitting Kyiv and cities across Ukraine, Oct. 10, in what's considered its most extensive attack since the early days of its invasion of Ukraine this year.

Russian agents detained eight people on Oct. 12 suspected of carrying out a large explosion on a bridge to Crimea, including Russian, Ukrainian and Armenian citizens.

The United Nations General Assembly roundly condemned Russia's move to illegally annex four regions of Ukraine. In the Oct. 13 session, four countries voted alongside Russia, but 143 voted in favor of Ukraine's resolution, while 35 abstained.

Two men shot at Russian troops preparing to deploy to Ukraine, killing 11 people and wounding 15 before being killed themselves, Russia's Defense Ministry said on Oct. 15.

Russian troops began arriving in Belarus Oct. 15, which Minsk said were the first convoys of almost 9,000 service members expected as part of a "regional grouping" of forces allegedly to protect Belarus from threats at the border from Ukraine and the West.


Ukrainians grieve for an 11-year-old girl killed by a Russian missile.

These families were adopting Ukrainian orphans. Now they have to wait out Russia's war.

After the Crimean bridge attack, there are plenty of theories but few real answers.

Sixty years after the Cuban missile crisis, Russia's threats reignite Cold War fears.

The White House accuses Saudi Arabia of aiding Russia with a bid to boost oil revenues that could help fund the Kremlin's war in Ukraine.

The British military is giving Ukrainian civilians a crash course in soldiering.

First, a bridge strategic to Russia was attacked — then came the Ukrainian memes.

A blast hits the bridge to Crimea, a key supply route in Russia's war.

Special report

Russia's war in Ukraine is changing the world: See its ripple effects in all corners of the globe.

Earlier developments

You can read past recaps here. For context and more in-depth stories, you can find more of NPR's coverage here. Also, listen and subscribe to NPR's State of Ukraine podcast for updates throughout the day.

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