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Listen: Joy Oladokun Has Our Mountain Stage Song Of The Week

Joy Oladokun on Mountain Stage
Chris Morris
Mountain Stage
Joy Oladokun performing on Mountain Stage at the Forbes Center For the Arts in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Mountain Stage and host Kathy Mattea brought the show to Harrisonburg, Virginia at the invitation of our affiliate station WMRA and their partners at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts at James Madison University. Our guests included Joy Oladokun, Karan Casey Trio, The Heavy Heavy, Phil Wiggins and the Chesapeake Sheiks, and Michaela Anne.

Join us starting Friday, Oct. 21 on these NPR stations for the entire episode.

“To me, music is a vehicle of catharsis,” said Joy Oladokun in her promotional materials. “I write a lot of sad songs, but I always push for a sliver of a silver lining or glimmer of hope it could be better.”

You can hear the inspiration and hope in our Song of the Week, the simply powerful and beautiful “If You Got A Problem.” The song appears on Joy’s 2021 album in defense of my own happiness.

Joy Oladokun-"If You Got A Problem," Live on Mountain Stage

Elsewhere on the show, we hear from Ireland’s beloved singer and song interpreter Karan Casey and her trio, UK-based vintage rock modernists The Heavy Heavy, blues icon Phil Wiggins and The Chesapeake Sheiks, and Nashville-based heartfelt songwriter Michaela Anne. They’re all in live performance on this week’sMountain Stage, heard weekly on these public radio stations.

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