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South Carolina Business Review
South Carolina Business Review
Posted Mon-Fri, 05:30 a.m.

The South Carolina Business Review, with host Mike Switzer, focuses on news from South Carolina's business community with interviews of many small business owners and business leaders from around the state. South Carolina's nonprofits, including its colleges and universities are also regularly featured on the program, as well as many of the state's small business support organizations. 

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The South Carolina Business Review is a production of Magnolia Media for South Carolina Public Radio.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed on The South Carolina Business Review are not necessarily those of South Carolina Public Radio.

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Latest Episodes
  • After the recent announcement from the NCAA that college athletes can now profit from their celebrity status, Governor Henry McMaster signed the Name, Image and Likeness bill and it is scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2022. Will this turn many of our college athletes into entrepreneurs?Mike Switzer interviews Bobby Robinson, an attorney with Nexsen Pruet in Charlotte, NC.
  • For most of the last two decades, our next guest has been busy helping companies find locations for their factories and offices. What are companies looking for these days, has anything changed since the pandemic, and is our state a good business location state?Mike Switzer interviews Didi Caldwell, president and founding principal of Global Location Strategies in Greenville, SC. Their site selection app is site shepherd.
  • Our next guest is a University of South Carolina computer engineering graduate who became a serial entrepreneur with three successful startups and exits. His fourth recently received funding from our state’s VentureSouth angel fund for a car wash business that has begun operations in five states, including this year in ours.Mike Switzer interviews Scot Wingo, CEO and co-founder of Spiffy in Durham, NC.
  • Our next guest has been helping women with their finances for many years and one thing she has noticed is that many of them often have the same questions and concerns, especially if they are the breadwinner in the family.Mike Switzer interviews Mary Chapman, a certified financial planner with Cummins Wealth Management in Mount Pleasant, SC.
  • Mike Switzer interviews John Warner, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Innoventure in Greenville, S.C.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor recently awarded Apprenticeship Carolina, a division of the SC Technical College System, a $7.7 million grant to expand their programming and increase workforce diversity in our state. Our next guest is hoping this investment in our state’s workforce will help alleviate our current employment crisis that has been exacerbated by the pandemic.Mike Switzer interviews Dr. Amy Firestone from Apprenticeship Carolina at the SC Technical College System in Columbia, SC.
  • It makes sense that a company that provides supply chain solutions to the healthcare industry would be very busy over the last year and a half as the pandemic ripped supply chains apart. They have been so successful, in fact, that they have recently been able to graduate from the SC Launch portfolio company program.Mike Switzer interviews Tom Woodson, general manager at MedProcure in Easley, SC.
  • Over the past several years, many of South Carolina’s local governments have stepped up their efforts to bring in more economic activity. And now they may soon be receiving large sums of federal money to boost those efforts even further.Mike Switzer interviews David Benjamin Moye, a city councilperson in West Columbia, SC.
  • We keep hearing about inflation and a subsequent rise in interest rates but so far only one has happened. Economists don’t seem worried about either. How about one of our friendly stock market prognosticators?Mike Switzer interviews Wes Johnson, a certified financial planner with ACT Advisors in Charleston, SC.
  • The first time I interviewed our next guest, several years ago, the entire market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies was around $40 billion. Recently, the market value of Bitcoin alone crossed $1 trillion. What is going on? Are we really on the verge of a sea change in payment systems?Mike Switzer interviews Allen Gillespie, a chartered financial analyst with Fintrust Capital Advisors in Greenville, SC.
  • Contrary to popular belief, travel agents are still around and in business even after a dramatic decline in their business since the pandemic. So how are they doing now and will the industry survive?Mike Switzer interviews Michael Graham, president of MGA Travel in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • After working with Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden in Columbia, SC, the San Antonio Botanical Garden, and the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden at Belmont, NC, our next guest finally decided he was ready to embark on his own entrepreneurial adventure in the landscape business.Mike Switzer interviews Todd Beasley, owner of Primitive by Design in Columbia, SC.