Boiling Peanuts

Oct 26, 2020

My husband has been heating up the kitchen, giving our little window unit a real workout, as our grocery store has beautiful green peanuts for sale, perfect for boiling. He fills up a big pot with water, peanuts, and salt, a little apple cider vinegar, a couple of jugs of hot sauce and then starts cooking them. It takes about four or five hours! It takes a lot of salt, more than if you were cooking pasta.   Now I’ve found several peanut soup recipes I want to try – but It’ll be hard to sit and peel enough for the recipe without filling up on them – kind of like picking crabs. These recipes were developed by the person responsible for peanuts’ popularity in the United States, George Washington Carver, whose pioneering work earned him the well-deserved name “The Peanut Man.”