COVID Took Abused Kids Off the Radar. Reopened Schools Are Letting SCDSS Caseworkers Catch Back Up

Sep 4, 2020

When schools unceremoniously let out early this past spring, thousands of kids on the SCDSS radar fell off the grid. Caseworkers say they're catching up now that class is back in session.
Credit Feliphe Schiarolli / Unsplash

One of the upsides to having children back in a physical classroom is that the state's child protective services workers can talk to kids again. A lot of them are dealing with abuse or neglect and it's easier to catch up with several of them when they're in one place, away from the people abusing and neglecting them.

But while the pandemic might have changed the way social workers approach their cases, it hasn't stopped the kinds of cases the South Carolina Department of Social Services sees. In this report, hear from workers from SCDSS's child protective and adult advocacy arms. 

And if you know or suspect anyone is being abused or neglected at home, you can call 888-CARE-4-US 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday.