"D" is for Donaldson Air Base

Oct 17, 2018

"D" is for Donaldson Air Base. Early in World War II, the US Army Air Corps leased more than two thousand acres of land from the city and county of Greenville to construct what was then known as the Greenville Army Air Base, with barracks, hangers, and related buildings to train B-25 crews. The base was deactivated at the end of the war, but in 1946 was reconstituted as the headquarters of the nation’s Troop Carrier Command [later called the Military Air Transport Command]. Its planes played roles in the 1948 Berlin Airlift and during the crisis in the Belgian Congo a decade later. In 1951 the facility was named in honor of Greenville native John O. Donaldson, a World War I ace. Donaldson Air base was deactivated in 1961 and became the site of the Greenville Municipal Airport and an industrial park.