"G" is for Gaffney

Nov 12, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"G" is for Gaffney (Cherokee County; 2020 population 12,303). Incorporated in 1875, the city of Gaffney was named for the Irish immigrant Michael Gaffney. He came to the area around 1804, bought land, and constructed a house, barns, and a store and tavern. The property was known as Gaffney’s Cross Roads or Gaffney’s Old Field. In the early 1870s, the arrival of the Atlanta and Charlotte Railroad (later the Southern Railway) resulted in considerable growth. Between 1882 and 1907, seven textile mills provided employment opportunities for hundreds of new residents. In 1896, the town’s leaders along with those from Limestone Springs and Blacksburg organized a successful effort to create a new county. Endorsed by the governor, in 1897 the General Assembly created Cherokee County with Gaffney named as the county seat.