"H" is for the Hallelujah Singers

Oct 12, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"H" is for the Hallelujah Singers. The Halleluiah Singers are a nationally recognized performance troupe offering unique cultural programming by preserving, performing, and celebrating the rich heritage of Sea Island Gullah culture. Organized as a vocal ensemble by Marlena Smalls in 1990 and based in Beaufort, the group promotes Gullah culture through song, story, dance, and dramatic performance. The Hallelujah Singers present many of the unique customs and rituals that are an integral part of Gullah life. Drawing on extensive research, including interviews with seniors in the community, Smalls and the group have developed programs that combine storytelling and Gullah music—a music form steeped in a rich African American spiritual tradition. In 2000, as part of its bicentennial celebration, the Library of Congress designated the Hallelujah Singers a “Local Legacy of South Carolina.”