Helping and Training Woodlands Owners

Mar 25, 2020

Across the United States, 30 percent of our timberlands or forests, is owned by the federal government. Ten percent is owned by local and state governments. Sixty percent is privately owned. But in South Carolina the amount privately owned is a whopping 85%! Providing education to these land owners is a critical responsibility of two state agencies -- Clemson Extension and the South Carolina Forestry Commission, aided by many highly trained private managers. Both entities offer trainings and learning opportunities to individuals. However, as women inherit property from husbands who predecease them, a new need has arisen. Extension Forestry agent Janet Steele, whom you can contact through the Orangeburg Extension office, is working with others to offer Women Owing Woodlands classes, an educational course designed to specifically provide information to those new to these stewardship responsibilities.