"J" is for Johnson, Harriet Catherine Frazier [1889-1972]

Jun 10, 2020

"J" is for Johnson, Harriet Catherine Frazier [1889-1972]. Legislator, state 4-H Club leader. After graduating from Winthrop, Johnson was hired by Spartanburg County as an extension agent. From 1922 to1944 she was the head of the state 4-H girls’ clubs headquartered at Winthrop. In February 1945 she won a special election in York County and became the first woman elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives. Her bill to provide schoolbooks for children in York County was so popular that the General Assembly amended it to apply to all high schools in the state. Later, she was a Methodist missionary in India and director of recreation and religious activities for the SC Opportunity School. In 1951, Progressive Farmer magazine named Harriet Catherine Frazier Johnson “Woman of the Year” for her service in rural progress in South Carolina.