"K" is for Kensington Plantation

Mar 13, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"K" is for Kensington Plantation (Richland County). In the early 1850s, Greek revival remained the favorite architectural style of the state’s planter elite. However, Matthew Richard Singleton opted to transform his upcountry farmhouse into an elegant Renaissance-inspired residence that recalled country villas of northern Italy. Singleton hired Charleston architect Edward C. Jones to head the project. Kensington is a frame house on a raised basement. The domed structure is flanked by two gabled wings with arched colonnades and fronted by a porte cochere. The interior centerpiece is the main hall, which rises two and one-half stories to a skylight at the top of the dome and has a second-story balcony. The house was unoccupied for four decades when Union Camp Corporation purchased the property in 1981 and undertook a full restoration of Kensington Plantation.