Naked Lady Lilly

Oct 2, 2020

I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow. Another Lycoris species often found in older gardens has a wonderfully amusing common name – Naked Lady Lilly, Lycoris squamigera. The naked part of its name is because just like with spider lilies, the Naked Lady Lily just springs up out of the ground without any foliage associated with the stem supporting the flowers. The pink is very soft but not pale and is large enough to hold its own in a container by itself. I’m not a big fan of glass containers as you see stems, stems, stems and more stems, but with Lycoris squamigera you would need just two flowering scapes to fill a small florist type glass vase. My clump is growing in part shade which all the Lycoris with seem to appreciate, i guess that’s one reason they seem perfectly at home when planted in South Carolina gardens.